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Crackdown on Blue Badge misuse 3 Jun 2024 (Braunston Parish Council) Crackdown on Blue Badge misuse in West Northants

West Northants Council’s Counter Fraud team in collaboration with Northants Police and NSL Parking Enforcement, took part in the national campaign for the second year running which targeted the misuse of the Blue Badge scheme.  

The aims of the initiative were to crack down on individuals in our community who abuse the Blue Badge system, ensuring it remains accessible for those who genuinely need it. 

The Blue Badge scheme plays a vital role in supporting residents with disabilities or mobility issues to access essential services in our town centres.  

On Friday, 24 May West Northants council joined 115 other councils nationwide, to tackle Blue Badge misuse head-on. Our team checked 80 Blue Badges throughout the day looking for counterfeits, lost or stolen badges. We will continue to carry out regular routine checks throughout the year in order to try and reduce the levels of misuse taking place. 

Councillor Adam Brown, the Leader of the West Northamptonshire Council, said: "The Blue Badge scheme is a lifeline for many in our community, and it's essential that we protect its integrity.  

“Our efforts extend beyond mere enforcement; we're actively combating third-party misuse, including the illicit use of badges without the holder's presence, the exploitation of badges belonging to people who have died, and the production or use of counterfeit badges. If you witness any misuse of the scheme, I urge you to report it promptly.  

“It's important for everyone to understand the legitimate uses of Blue Badges, particularly for those with genuine health needs, including hidden disabilities like mental health conditions. However, let's not forget the severe consequences of fraudulent use, which can lead to prosecution under the Fraud Act 2006, carrying penalties of up to 12 years' imprisonment and unlimited fines.” 

For further information on the Blue Badge scheme and its guidelines, please visit the West Northamptonshire Council website.  

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