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Children's Sunflower Competition 23 Mar 2016 (Braunston Village Gardens Association) Can you grow the tallest sunflower in Braunston this year? If you are aged 5 to 14 years find out more by following this link.

BVGA Sunflower Competition.

See the attached informaton sheet.

We are asking all children connected with Braunston to have a go at growing the tallest sunflower. This competition is open to all children between the ages of 5 and 14 who either live in Braunston, go to school her, belong to a Braunston organisation or who have grandparents who live in the village.

Read the attached leaflet to find out more.

Sunflowers will be judged for height on Saturday 3rd September at the Braunston Show.

Your sunflower entry will gain you points to put with your other Show entries.

Good Luck,


BVGA Chairperson 

Contact by the links on the website if you have other questions about the competition, gardening or The Show.

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