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Purple4Polio campaign 2 Nov 2016 (Braunston Village Gardens Association) Braunston Village Gardens Association has linked up with Danetree Rotary Club for the Purple4Polio campaign.

Braunston Village Gardens Association has linked up with

Danetre Rotary Club to plant 5000 purple crocus bulbs

around Braunston for the Purple4Polio campaign.

But the BVGA could not do this alone! It has been a real village affair with many village organisations getting involved and planting together. We wondered whether you saw any of the groups in October.

Jetty Fields Association were the first to get planting. Quickly followed one evening by The Beavers and Parish Council. Then the BVGA, Youth Club, Village Hall, WI and the Cubs planted during mid to late October. Finally, and more recently, The Playing Fields Association and the Church Youth Group WOW were out and about planting.


When children in developing world countries go to have their vaccination against Polio they have their finger dipped into purple ink to show that they have been vaccinated.


Rotary have teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society to transform public spaces and brighten up local communities by planting five million purple crocus corms across Britain and Ireland.

Rotary has a long and successful history in its fight against polio, which it started in 1985, and Rotary continues to play a key role including raising funds and through its advocacy. When it started this challenge over 30 years ago there were 125 endemic countries and now there are just 2.

In 2015 there were 74 cases of polio recorded, and to date this year there have been 18. Through thePurple4Polio campaign, Rotary aims to reduce this number to zero.

Thank you Danetre Rotary for funding the crocuses and

encouraging Braunston to take part in the 2016 campaign.


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