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Herb garden and Garden Store 15 Apr 2017 (Braunston Village Gardens Association) Find your way to the herb garden and you will find the shop for your gardening needs in Braunston.

The Braunston Village Gardens Association's herb garden is coming along well. To find out more come along to the Village Hall and look for the garden near to the Ashby Road entrance. We have labelled the herbs to help with both identification and to give you more ideas about how to use herbs in the home.

Email us via the Braunston website to let us know what you think.

If you visit on a Sunday morning between 11am and 12pm you can also buy your composts, garden canes, pelleted chicken manure, growmore and other items to ensure that your plants are strong and healthy this year.

Have your children and grandchildren bought their sunflower kits yet? Also available at the Garden Store on Sundays.

We look forward to seeing you in April.


Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information