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Braunston Show Handicraft Classes 16 May 2017 (Braunston Village Gardens Association) We look forward to seeing you at the Show on 2 September. You might like to know the titles of this years handicraft classes

HANDICRAFT classes :

84.    (OC) A hand-knitted item

85.    A piece of crochet 

86.    A piece of counted thread work 

87.  A piece of patchwork, quilting or applique, (max size 46cm x 46cm 7/18" x 18")

88.    A piece of patchwork, quilting, larger than in class 87

89.    A card for a special occasion, any medium 

90.    (OC) A soft toy for a baby, any material(s) 

91.    (OC) An item of jewellery, any material(s) 

92.    (OC) An item of embroidery 

93.    A watercolour, framed or unframed 

94.    A painting in oils or acrylics, framed or unframed 

95.    A drawing, any medium, framed or unframed 

96.    A cushion, any material(s) 

97.    A collage called  ‘Braunston at its Best', glued not sewn 

98.    A Christmas stocking, any material(s) 

99.    (OC) Something new made from recycled  materials 

100.  Any other 2 dimensional craft not in class 84 to 99 

101.  Any other 3 dimensional craft not in class 84 to 99 

102.  Any unfinished piece of work


Open Classes (OC) are open to exhibitors from outside the village as well as to all Braunston residents.

Full information about these classes and all the other classes in the show, will be published in the Show Schedule and delivered to every household in the village in July



Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information