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Report from County Councillor 13 Jun 2019 (Braunston Parish Council) Report from Malcolm Longley re situation at NCC to Parish Council presented at June meeting and referred to in July BVN

I cant make this evenings meeting so I have attached some parts of my monthly report for the PC and also the latest position on the cycle path which I hope to have more information on soon.

We are still clearing the year end adjustments here at NCC so I thought that I would send you the latest outlook for distribution to those interested. I have included a series of tables but as you would expect there is a mountain of information behind it if anybody is interested. See below for some notes fyi.
Also I have met with DDC commercial – Simon Bowers – and the money for the cycle path is definitely in this financial years budget at circa £1m. and he tells me that they (DDC) are very close to settling the outstanding land issues with the Oxford college. I am meeting him again before your next PC meeting and expect to hear more – hopefully, the negotiations with Oxford being complete – we shall see.


Table 1 Shows the current year end view with an underspend for the FY of £1.767m. – note brackets are good in this chart !!

Table 2 Shows the usage of the £70m. of capital receipts authorised by central government.

Table 5 Stabilisation plan results

Table 6 Reserves at the year-end – will be adjusted marginally when all year-end adjustments are finalised.

Table 7 Shows the overspend in 2017/18 of >£40m. which triggered the installation of two commissioners.

Table 8 Shows the revised write off policy.

Table 9 Shows the new actual aged debt provision. Note this is a provision in 2018/19 with any write offs in the following year – should show +ve in that year.


If anybody has any questions please let me know and I will try to answer them.

Best regards


Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and InformationBraunston Heart - COVID-19BVN (Braunston Village news)