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Road Safety Advice 1 Nov 2021 (Braunston Parish Council) Road Safety Advice Cyclist/ Motorists

With the clocks going back one hour on  Sunday (October 31) signalling the return of darker evenings, Northamptonshire Police is urging all road users and pedestrians to think road safety.

As mornings and early evenings get darker, there is often an increase in collisions on the UK’s roads, so officers are urging those who are usually out walking, cycling or driving at these times to take extra care.

The timely reminder has been issued as part of the Force’s road safety campaign – Operation Journey – which aims to reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads.

 “Working with our partners from the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance, the clocks going back provides us with another opportunity to focus on this, and urge everyone to think road safety.

“With longer hours of darkness and winter weather, we would urge all road users to look out for pedestrians and cyclists. While we would ask those walking, running or cycling to wear bright or reflective clothing and have lights fitted to their bikes.

“Road safety is all of our responsibilities, and we would ask road users to think of their actions and modify their driving to cope with winter conditions. Similarly, pedestrians and cyclists need to be seen!”

To help keep you safe this winter, follow these road safety tips:


• Wear light colours and reflective/high visibility jackets on a dull/foggy day or in the evening/at night
• Check tyres, lights and reflectors on your bike before you set off
• ALWAYS wear an approved cycle helmet


• Make sure all the lights on your vehicles are working
• Make sure your tyres have sufficient tread, and are inflated to the correct pressure recommended by the manufacturer
• Check your windscreen washer bottle is full and wipers are in good working order
• Make sure your engine cooling system is topped up with anti-freeze
• Ensure vehicle windows are clear of ice and mist before starting a journey


Locally identified priority 1st October 2021- 31st December 2021 Road Traffic Offences –Safety 

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