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New safety features agreed 11 May 2024 New safety features agreed by West Northamptonshire councillors for Northampton’s e-scooter scheme

New safety proposals for the Voi e-scooter trial in Northampton have been agreed by West Northamptonshire Council’s (WNC) Cabinet at their meeting on Tuesday 7 May.

The recommendations seek to address key concerns to ensure that the scheme continues to provide a sustainable and affordable mode of transport for people across Northampton.

The recommendations which will be rolled out across the town include:

Speed controls and restricted areas to be reviewed
That new and emerging technology is assessed and a timescale set for implementation in regard to eliminating twin riding & pavement riding
E-scooter safety is reviewed improving visibility at night
An improved complaints and feedback procedure

In January this year, WNC’s Place Overview and Scrutiny considered feedback from a public survey which sought to find out how people use the scheme and their views on its operation.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has extended the trial period for the scheme by a further two years until 2026. WNC has agreed to extend the scheme in Northampton in line with the national two-year extension.

Cllr Phil Larratt, Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways at WNC said: “Following feedback from the public and key partners, we are pleased to have created a road map on how we can deliver improvements to the scheme which make it safer and more viable for all.

“E-scooters provide a cost-effective travel solution for people, and it is important that we maintain this scheme for those who rely on it while ensuring that it meets the needs of our local community.

“We will now work with VOI and the police to roll out these recommendations and continue to review the delivery of the scheme to ensure the safety of road users, riders and pedestrians.”

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