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Residents feedback to help 21 May 2024 Residents feedback to help shape the future of air quality improvements in West Northamptonshire

Nearly 1,000 people from across West Northamptonshire gave their views on draft proposals to improve air quality in a public consultation on the Council’s Draft Air Quality Action Plans (AQAP).

53% of respondents to the consultation said they were concerned about air quality in their town or home area and 58% of respondents were concerned about air quality in West Northamptonshire. Now their comments are being taken into consideration to help shape the plans, which will need final sign off from DEFRA.

Reducing air pollution is vitally important to local health and the environment. All councils have a duty to monitor some types of air pollution and take steps to make sure it meets standards set by Government. The UK Government has responsibility for measuring and taking steps to improve some types of air pollution including fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 that has been recognised as a significant contributor to poor health.

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) monitors air quality in several locations across the area in line with current national government guidance. This ensures that the data is reliable and can be used in making informed decisions to improve air quality. 

Cllr Matt Golby, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Public Health & Regulatory Services, said: “The Air Quality Action Plan will enhance the work we already deliver with partners, such as National Highways, to improve air quality across our area.

Once approved by DEFRA, our Air Quality Action Plan will clarify actions that the Council and its partners are taking to reduce pollution. ULEZ congestion charging, as other Councils have introduced isn’t being considered at this time.  Regulation is only one of the ways in which national and local government can improve air quality and the choices we all make when travelling or heating our homes can also make a big difference.”

The proposed AQAP has been produced to identify areas where action can be taken to improve air quality. Some of the suggested actions producing positive effects include:

controls around planning to make sure air quality is considered
reducing vehicle emissions by reducing congestion and encouraging alternative travel choices such as walking, cycling and public transport
delivering publicly available electric vehicle infrastructure.

The Air Quality Action Plan will outline the steps it will take to work towards improving air quality and reducing air pollution. The feedback from the consultation is now being analysed to help shape the final plan which will need final sign off from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) before it can be implemented. 

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