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Electric Scooter users in Daventry 30 May 2024 Electric Scooter users in Daventry warned over illegal misuse

An operation is due to begin in Daventry to educate and warn electric scooter users around safety and illegal misuse following a rise in e-scooters in the area. 

Electric scooters are subject to the same restrictions as motorcycles and other mechanically propelled vehicles and legally can only be ridden on private land with the permission of the landowner. 

Exceptions include Council and Government approved hire schemes, such as Voi in Northampton, but by law any?privately owned?scooter ridden in a public place must be registered with the DVLA, insured and roadworthy. The rider must also hold a driving licence entitling them to ride that category of vehicle. 

The law around electric scooter use and policing them is the same for motorcycles and any other mechanically propelled vehicle.? 

Riders can be prosecuted for riding them without insurance, without an MOT, and otherwise in accordance with a licence on a public road, or in a public place. 
Not being DVLA registered can lead to prosecution. 
Police have powers to have e-scooters seized at the scene for no insurance under Section 165a of the Road Traffic Act. 
Police can also seize e-scooters under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act if it is suspected that a particular vehicle is being used in an anti-social manner or causing alarm harassment or annoyance to members of the public at that particular time, or any other time.? 

Between now and mid-June 2024, scooter users in Daventry will be stopped and spoken to about the illegal use of scooters, with 2 targeted enforcement days a month carried out by the Neighbourhood Policing Team.? 

E-scooters will be seized either for no insurance or for riders being underage. When there is failure to stop, intel will be gathered, and information will be shared with schools and parents. 

Cllr David Smith, Cabinet member for Planning and Communities, said:? “Privately bought E-scooters are forbidden on any UK public road. Further to this, they are not toys and can be dangerous when used incorrectly.  

“The scheme that we use in Northampton, Voi, is designed to be a relatively inexpensive, speed limited method of transport, to be used by only one person. To use a Voi e-scooter, you must be age 18 and you need a driving licence. 

“Using a Government or Council approved scheme only, is a great concept, when used responsibly on roads, not pavements, and certainly by following the law.” 

“At WNC, we are committed to working with the Police and our partners to ensure that e-scooters are ridden legally and do not put our residents at risk. The only e-scooters that we should see on our roads are Voi e-scooters.” 

Safer Roads Team Manager Matt O’Connell said: “Private e-scooters are currently not legal to ride on the roads and are not covered by insurance companies. I would urge anyone thinking of buying one to reconsider and if you are caught riding one you could face points on your license, a fine, and the chance of your vehicle being seized and crushed. 

“As the popularity of e-scooters has increased, Northamptonshire Police has had a lot of contact from members of the public who have expressed concerns about private e-scooter riders driving dangerously around the county.

“We want to reassure the local community that we are listening to their concerns and acting upon them and I hope this is demonstrated through this enforcement action.”

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