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Win a Steak meal for 2 with wine! 1 Oct 2013 The Old Plough, in association with PumpkinPip is sponsoring a prize for those who register with this website before December.

In association with PumpkinPip, the developers of this website, the Old Plough have kindly sponsored a Steak Meal for 2 with wine prize to be given to a Braunston resident (selected at random) who registers with the new Braunston village website by the end of November and who has done one of the following:

  • Created or been assigned to edit an organisation's profile on the website
  • Created a (genuine) classified advert on the website
  • Contributed at least one photograph that is accepted into the 'Braunston Photo Map'.

Register now for FREE!

The winner will be announced in early December.


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