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OVO Energy Women's Tour 2018 11 Jun 2018 OVO Energy Women's Tour 2018 - Returning to Daventry District next week!

Estimated arrival times for Daventry District

RACE START: Rushden         10.30am

Canons Ashby                        12.58pm

Weedon Bec                           1.18pm

Everdon                                  1.25pm

Newnham Hill (QoM)              1.32pm

Daventry High Street              1.38pm

Staverton                                1.45pm

Catesby                                  1.48pm

Hellidon                                  1.52pm

Priors Marston (Warks)          1.57pm

Byfield                                     2.05pm

Woodford Halse                      2.09pm

Preston Capes                        2.17pm

Newnham Hill (second time)   2.26pm

FINISH: Abbey Street, Daventry    2.32pm