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Water point facility neglected 16 Jul 2018 April 21st 2018 - BCS assess what is required to improve the facility and make it something the village can be proud of.

While the new BCS team were deciding what would be their first project since the AGM a request was made by Midland Chandlers to CRT. Mud was being walked into their shop from the adjacent water point. Could anything be done about it? BCS decided to investigate and set about assessing what was required. On examination of the site it became apparent it was suffering from a severe case of neglect and would need several task parties to put it right. The mud was due to the bin lorries that had churned up the access track and the absents of proper paths to access the site. The hard standing around the water points was insufficient causing boaters to stand in mud whilst connecting there hoses. Both points had serious leaks that were exasipating the issue. The bin compound apart from being covered in mud and rubbish had several rotten posts and rails. A large amount of brush that had been dumped from previous offside cutting required burning and the 'out of control' grass needed to be tamed. Ruts and dips needed to be filled to avoid them retaining rain water and allow effective mowing. An information sign that had seen better days needed replacement. With the support of CRT and Midland Chandlers a plan was hatched that would be actioned over the next 5 task parties.


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