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TTRO(19/20) 108 - Traffice Order 7 May 2019 TTRO(19/20) 108 - Braunston, Barby, Welton, Watford, Ashby st Ledgers, Crick and West Haddon

John Henry Group, on behalf of Gigaclear, are carrying out major telecom ducting works in the area and as part of this will be requiring a combination of traffic signals, road closures and speed restriction.


Below is a table showing the locations of the closures and speed restrictions for your information along with the expected dates.  All the information is also on and linked to the permits so any changes to the dates will be reflected.


Temporary prohibition of traffic


Road Name

Termination Points

Alternative Route

Expected Dates

Barby Road, Braunston and Braunston Road, Barby.

From Greenway to Daventry Road.

Use Daventry Road, A361. Welton Road, High Street and Ashby Road.

8th July to 24th July 2019.

Watford Road, Ashby St Ledgers and Ashby St Ledgers Road, Welton.

From Watford Road, Welton to Welton Road.

Use Watford Road, Station Road, Ashby Road, Barby Road and Welton Road.

8th July to 25th July 2019.

Norton Road, Welton

From o/s Welton Grange to Crockwell Hill.

Use Long Buckby Road, A5 and Watford Road.

22nd July to 5th August 2019.

Well Lane and High Street, Welton.

From Ashby Road to Welton Park.

Use Ashby Road, Station Road, Daventry Road and Kiln Lane.

6th to 19th August 2019.

The Lane, Ashby St Ledgers.

Entire Length.

Controlled access.

6th to 14th August 2019.

Watford Road, Crick and Crick Road, Watford.

From Kilsby Road, Watford to Home Farm Cottage.

Use Kilsby Road, A5 and Kilsby Road.

13th to 28th August 2019.

Kilsby Road and Church Street, Watford.

From Main Street to West Haddon Road.

Use West Haddon Road, Main Street, Station Road, A5 and Kilsby Road.

19th to 30th August 2019.

Foxhill Road, West Haddon.

From Watford Road to o/s 8 Foxhill Road.

Use Watford Road, West Haddon Road, Long Buckby Road, West Street, Church Street and The Banks.

29th August until 4thSeptember 2019.


Temporary 30mph speed restriction


Road Name

Termination Points

Expected Dates

Longdown Lane, Barby.

From County Boundary to Daventry Road.

1st July to 31st August 2019.

A361 Daventry Road, Kilsby, Ashby St Ledgers and Welton.

From Willoughby Road to Barby Road, Welton.

1st July to 31st August 2019.


If you require more information about the works please contact Luciano Cesare on 07590 224298 or 01954 288011.