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Updated TV Licensing Literature 14 Dec 2020 Updated TV Licensing Literature - Simple Payment Plan

I just wanted to check in to see whether the new materials we have from TV Licensing might be of interest to you and your colleagues? Know you were keen to know more when it came to Over 75s, however this information is normally targeted to money and general community advice groups – would this be an are that you cover?


Essentially, TV Licensing have updated their Simple Payment Plan advice leaflets for advisors and customers, including new information and details on the online portal which is now live.


(If you’re not entirely clear on the Simple Payment Plan and what it is please do let me know, will be happy to organise an opportunity to run through an explainer for you if of interest)


I’ve attached the new leaflets to this email for you to share with your team and clients if needed. Attached you will find the following:


Simple Payment Plan Advisor Guidance Leaflet
Simple Payment Plan Customer Guidance Leaflet


If you’d like to down load these, or any other TV Licensing materials, you can found these on TV Licensing’s community relations website:


If you’d like to order physical copies of these you can, simply visit the following website and complete the form: (If you have any trouble ordering please let me know)


If you have any questions on any of the above, please do let me know.