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Local Priorities Survey 23 Jun 2021 Local Priorities Survey - Daventry and South Northants

Northamptonshire Police are keen to know what issues matter most to you in the area where you live and work.  We would be pleased if you could share your views through the below survey, if you haven't already completed the survey in the last few weeks.  The information you give us will help identify the local neighbourhood policing priorities for your area. 

Click here to complete our local priorities survey    (Please note some browsers require Ctrl + click)

We would like to know about any crime or anti-social behaviour that is causing you concern and if there is anything specific you would like us to focus on.  We’d also like to know how safe you feel when out and about in your neighbourhood and whether you think the police are doing a good job at tackling local crime and disorder.

The survey takes just a few minutes and we would really appreciate you taking the time share your views. The more feedback we get, the better we can understand what the issues are for local people. 

At a county level, we have four Matters of Priority that Northamptonshire Police will put a special focus on over the next 12 months:

Serious and organised crime

Domestic abuse

Knife crime

Anti-social behaviour. 

We will also set up to three local priorities for each policing area every three months based on local crime statistics and the feedback we get from the community and the survey.  We will tell you what those priorities are and keep you informed about the action we are taking to address them.

Your feedback is really important and we appreciate you taking the time to share your views with us.