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Caravan Storage 8 Feb 2022 Crime Prevention (Caravan Security) Caravan Storage

Caravan Storage

When a caravan is not being used most owners will keep them at a caravan storage site.  It would be very wise to ensure that the site you store them at is secure and this website therefore recommends you use a site that has been accredited by CaSSOA – the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association.

CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association) represents caravan storage site owners’ across the UK and work towards minimising caravan theft by promoting the highest levels of security.

There are over 400 CaSSOA accredited caravan storage sites across the UK, which have been independently assessed by an experienced surveyor for security features, access and amenities to make sure they provide superior levels of protection from theft.

There are three levels of CaSSOA accredited storage: Bronze, Silver or Gold. Accreditation is based on a number of features including CCTV, access control, perimeter fencing and alarm systems.

Bronze rated facilities have good basic fencing and security systems to deter thieves while the highest Gold rating is only given to compounds with the most rigorous standards in their facilities and processes.

Because CaSSOA is a recognised membership body providing security accreditations, many insurance companies offer policy discounts for vehicles stored on secure CaSSOA sites.

There are CaSSOA accredited storage sites nationwide. Visit to find your nearest site.

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Important Caravanning Organisations:

CRiS (Central Registration and Identification Scheme)

CSSG (Caravan Safety and Security Group)

NCC (National Caravan Council)

The Caravan Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association 

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in the theft of caravans. If you own a caravan, or you are considering purchasing a caravan, please look at the crime prevention advice and the accredited caravan storage facilities.In the event you are witness to suspicious behavior in your communities please contact the police on 101 always in an emergency where immediate assistance is required call 999