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Rules & Regulations

Braunston Memorial Hall Foundation


Health & Safety Regulations

A1.      It is the responsibility of Hirers upon entering the building to acquaint themselves with the Fire Regulations posted in the main corridors and comply with these regulations.

A2.      The Hall operates a NO-SMOKING POLICY in all areas.

A3.      It is the responsibility of the Hirer, in the interests of hygiene, to carry out the following at the end of the function.

Wipe clean all tables etc. to remove spilt food/drink – AND RETURN TABLES AND CHAIRS TO THE STACKING AREA
Wipe clean the Kitchen/Bar/Fridge/Cooker/Sinks and work tops. Wash and replace used china in the cupboards
Sweep all areas used – including the toilets.
Place all surplus food, packaging and other rubbish in the small bins provided and then empty into the main dustbin provided outside the kitchen.

A4.       A maximum attendance of 150 persons is allowed within the building. In the event of overcrowding, the Committee or its agents have the right to ask for the assistance of the Hirer to reduce the number of persons in the Hall.

A5.      The Committee cannot accept liability for third party insurance in respect of the use of the Hall(s). It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide insurance for the intended use and provide a copy to the Committee before commencement of the Hire.

A6.      No decorations shall be affixed to the building or internal walls without the prior written consent of the Committee or its agents.

A7.      No dogs, (with the exception of Guide Dogs), cats or other livestock shall be brought into the building without prior written consent of the Committee or its agents.

A8.      Bouncy Castles at Children’s parties may only be used in the Small Hall (games/Gallie Room) and should be no more than 9ft (2.74 metres) in height.

A9.      Basic heating is provided with under floor/ Storage heating. Hirers should under no circumstances attempt to adjust the controls for these heating systems. Extra meter controlled heaters are available using £1 coins (slot meters are located in the Electric Meter Room opposite the Gallie Room. Heaters located in the Ladies/Gents toilets should also not be tampered with.


B1.      All damages and breakages shall be paid for in full by the Hirer.

B2.      A Deposit (£30 for day hire, £100 for eveing hire and £250 where alcohol is served or sold at an event ) will need to be paid for all bookings prior to the event. This deposit will be returned the following month (less any deductions). Any deductions are at the discretion of the Management Committee. Full details of the amount of the Deposit can be obtained from the Booking Officer, Leyla Clayson at [email protected]

If a confirmed booking is cancelled less than 14 days before the booking then the deposit will be retained.



C1.      If the function includes entertainment with Music, Singing and Dancing (or similar), to which members of the public are admitted, then this must be declared on the Booking Form as special conditions may apply.

C2.      Functions must finish not later than 12.00 midnight on weekdays and 11.45pm on Saturdays. The building must be vacated by 12.30am. Sunday hire is between 10.30am and 10.30pm only.

C3.      The Hirer shall ensure that noise from the Hall is kept to a reasonable level in consideration of neighbouring properties.

C4.      The Committee does not hold a licence for the sale of Alcoholic drinks, which shall not be consumed on the premises without prior written consent of the Committee. The name of the Licensee shall be stated on the booking form and details provided.

C5.      Persons hiring the Main Hall and or the Small Hall (Gallie Room) shall allow reasonable access to the kitchen and toilets to persons using other parts of the Hall at the same time. It would be appreciated if Hirers would show due consideration for other users.Hire of the Library does not include automatic use of the kitchen.

C6.      Equipment stored in the Hall by User Groups (ie Pre School toys) should not be used without the express written agreement of the user group concerned.

C7.      Letting of the whole building does not include the Meeting Room (Former Library) which will be locked when not in use.

C8.      The minimum age of a Hirer is 21 years. No bookings will be accepted for a young persons function without the written consent of the Committee, who will require adequate supervision by responsible adults as a condition of consent.

C9.      No responsibility is accepted for loss or theft of articles upon the premises of the Hall or in respect of damage to or theft from vehicles left upon the premises. Vehicles are parked entirely at the owners risk and shall not be left on the premises overnight unless authorised in writing by the Committee. A charge will be made for long term parking.

C10.   The Piano must not be moved from the Main Hall.

C11.   The partition between the two halls will remain closed with the exception of larger parties/events. Special requests for the partition to be opened will be considered and are subject to Management Committee approval. Once opened, the partition is locked into position for the duration of the event and cannot be closed by the Hirer.


D1.     Hire fees are payable upon making a Hall booking (forms and current charges available from the Booking Officer) together with a Deposit - £30 for day hire, £100 for evening hire and £100 where alcohol is served or sold at an event .

D2.     No regular lettings will be accepted for Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing day, New Years Eve or New Years day

D3.     All lettings of the Hall shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee. The Committee reserves the right to cancel lettings and alter hire charges or regulations at any time without notice and without reason being given.


Braunston Memorial Hall Foundation, Management Committee, March 2015.

Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and InformationBVN (Braunston Village news)