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The LNWR railway opened from Weedon to Daventry on 1st March 1888. There were three trains a day in each direction, taking 10 minutes for the journey instead of thirty minutes by road. The fare was 8d (3.5d) return. The Mayor of Daventry was so enthusiastic about the project that he held a Banquet for the Corporation and Guests, with tea for 600 people at 6pm followed by entertainment and dancing until 4am the following morning.

The line from Daventry to Leamington Spa, via “Braunston Midland” and Marton Junction, was authorised in August 1890 and opened in 1895. Braunston station and yard were built on an embankment very close to the wharf with a bridge over the road. Some cottages and a pub were demolished to achieve this, however a row of railway cottages was built further up the road. For a short time the Euston to Rugby train had a “slip” coach, which was slipped at Weedon making it possible to travel from London to Braunston by train. In the late 1950s special trains ran from Northampton to see the illuminations at Leamington Spa. The train went via Blisworth, Weedon, Daventry and Braunston to Warwick.

The arrival of the railway took freight from the canal system, so starting the gradual decline in carrying. It also affected coach travel. In 1830 there were 16 horse drawn coaches travelling between London, Daventry and Birmingham on most days. By 1841 this had dropped to 5 and by 1847 there were none at all. However, the railway age in Braunston was to be relatively short-lived. The line was closed to passengers in 1958 and closed for freight in 1963. The track was lifted and the bridge removed.


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Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and InformationBVN (Braunston Village news)