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Campaigns and Concerns

Braunston WI discusses Climate Change

Show the Love Campaign

Show what you care about and that is threatened by Climate Change.

Join in with any of the activities.

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Braunston WI considers the annual Resolution(s)


Alleviating Lonliness

Reducing Plastic Soup ie microfibre plastics


Mental Health Matters


Each year WIs  discuss the different resolutions that have been proposed by WI members across the country. Generally one or two are selected in June and from then on WI Federations campaign and learn about the issues connected to the Resolution.

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Braunston WI Craft group make green hearts - In 2018 Braunston WI members made Seeded Green Hearts to start conversations about Climate Change for this year's Show the Love Campaign. What do you most worry about losing due to Climate Change?Climate Change Conversations - Setting up the stand before the event started - Photographer Kate MawerKate works with young visitors to make origami hearts - What pledge would you make on your heart for Climate Change? - Photographer Tina NewmanMany hands make light work and create bug houses - Photographer Kate MawerEat seasonally - Learning about pollinators and eating seasonally - Photographer Alan MawerCloudier is getting hotter - Cloudier, our new model, helps WI members to explain how the hottest years have all been in the last 10 years.  - Photographer Alan MawerChecking out carbon footprints - Visitors compare the carbon footprint for different foods and think about their own pledges to reduce carbon emissions. - Photographer Alan MawerChair of Northamptonshire Campaigns and Concerns Committee - Braunston WI are praised by the NCFWI chair person for their work in created this scarf, very much a team effort. 'Well done ladies and in particular Sue (not shown here) for organising the knitting rota'. - Photographer Alan Mawer

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