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About Us


We are based in Braunston and launched the worlds first masculine detergent in 2012 and followed with a Relaxing fragrnce designed to help aid a good nights sleep which has been endorsed by The British Sleep Council. 

Our formula is efficient at removing the tough stuff from fabrics at just 30 or 40 degrees. We don’t use optical brighteners, bleaching agents or additional fabric softeners. We are super safe on delicate designer labels and expensive fabrics, whilst remaining gentle on skin and the environment. Giving you a professional laundry wash at home! 

We'll offer free delivery in the UK and only a minimal increase for Europe. 

To order via our website plese remember to state if the notes panel if you are local to Braunston.  

If you want to understand the science behind our formula please read about us at


Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information