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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park)

Gallie Wildlife Fund Annual Prize for Children

This is a competition organised for children in Year 6 in Braunston. The prize centres on the whole of the Jetty Field area. It is in the memory of Duncan and Marjorie Gallie. Duncan Gallie was a Headteacher at the school and produced a survey of the wildflowers of the parish. A copy of this was accepted by the Natural History Museum in London.

The competition has been designed to give the children information about the natural world of our parish. They are then given a conducted tour of the whole Jetty Field area by volunteers, in conjunction with staff at the school, followed by an open-ended challenge to write a report of their experience and combine it with their own research with photographs, drawings and diagrams.

There are two prizes and a cup awarded at a special, whole school assembly and also at the Braunston Annual Horticultural Show. A display is also set up on our noticeboard and a report written in the Braunston Village News.

Results! Results! Results! Results!

We had a tremendous response from the pupils at our local school.

It was so good that we presented a year six class certificate to them all!


First Prize and Cup

James Law

Second Prize

Jessica Levison

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