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Braunston Show 2016 - Trophy Winners 27 Sep 2016 (Braunston Village Gardens Association) Congratulations to all those who won trophies and best in group awards.

Congratulations to our trophy winners

The TUC Centenary Perpetual Challenge Trophy

          Dennis Bancroft

The George Green Perpetual Challenge Trophy

          Shirley Blackford

          Valerie Schofield

The Betty Hargraves Cup

          Dennis Bancroft

The Novice Trophy

          Wendi Buchanan

          Emma Dunn

The Braunston Barrow (Public Choice)

          Valerie Schofield

Little Fingers Prize

          James Dunn

The Busy Hands Shield

          Jacob Canning

The Green Fingers Trophy

          Poppy Sabin

The Jubilee Trophy

          Lily Sabin

Best in Group Awards

A -Vegetables

Alan Mawer

Class 22      A veg. box, straight from the plot

B - Fruit

Dennis Bancroft

Class 38      Any other fruit not in classes 32-36

C - Flowers

Sue Miller

Class 59      Potted succulent

F - Home Produce

Margaret Hick

Class 79      One jar of jam

G - Handicraft

Valerie Schofield

Class 99      Something made from recycled materials

H - Photographs

Helen Morgan

Class 108   ‘Feathered Friends’

J - Busy Hands

Jacob Canning

Class 118   Six Rice Krispie cakes

K - Green Fingers

Joshua Canning

Class 124   An interesting labelled collection

L - Jubilee

Jamie Harris

Class 132   Display something you have grown

The BVGA would like to hear from you.

Do you have any suggestions for new classes, or any other ideas for improving The Show in the future?

If so, please contact Helen Morgan (Show Secretary).
Tel 890164 or drop a note through the door at 49 High Street.






Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information