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The landscape historian Maurice Beresford once remarked that in a typical English Parish there is more than enough of historical interest to support a lifetime of study.

This is certainly true of Braunston. From its early development as a farming community to its emergence as a key centre in Britain's canal network, this small Northamptonshire village has experienced a rich and varied history.

This set of pages, based on a booklet sponsored by the Countryside Agency's Local Heritage Initiative (LHI) describes some of the main features of that history. 

The booklet is designed to enable visitors to get more from their stay in Braunston, no matter how short, and to help local residents learn more about the unique heritage of the village they call home. 

In producing this booklet, we are indebted to the many local people who have shared with us their memories of Braunston and their knowledge of its history.


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Merryhill HouseTudor HouseDog & Gun Public HousePageantchildren outside old village schoolButchers Shop, cnr Cross Lane/High Street							View from the Top of Cross LaneThe Ship Inn and wharf buildingBoatwomen during the strikeCross Lane CottagesBoatyardThe Wharf cottages (on the A.45)
BVN (Braunston Village news)Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information