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About Us

PumpkinPip Limited Website SolutionsThe new Braunston Village Website has been created by PumpkinPip Ltd, a small website development business owned and operated by Joanne and André Gibson who live in the village.

About the website

In consultation with Mr Peter Andrews (who created and managed the previous village site) and the Braunston Parish Council, we have over the past year developed a new website which we hope will become the hub of village information for both residents and visitors alike.

As well as organisations and businesses being able to register and manage their details displayed on the website, enhanced features such as photo galleries, video uploads, news and events listings, classified advertising and customer reviews are also available.  The website is mobile-friendly and designed to make it easy for villagers and visitors alike to find information on Braunston and its services. Amongst others, future plans include organisation specific mailing lists, online booking and payment facilities, and opportunities for paid advertising.

Registration on the site is and always will be free for Braunston organisations, residents and businesses.

Braunston Parish Council Endorsement

We are grateful to the Braunston Parish Council for their endorsement and support of this website. 

The endorsement by the Braunston Parish Council only covers their support for the concept of the website. It is not an endorsement of any information or advertising published on the website, which is the responsibility of the respective organisations or people, and moderated by PumpkinPip Ltd. Please also see the Website Terms for more information.

About the logo

Using a combination of blue and shades of green the logo is an attempt to emphasise the famous canal network and junction running through the metaphorical heart of the village with the iconic hilltop church and mill, all set amongst rolling medieval ridge and furrow fields.

Please contact us if you wish to use this logo - permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.


This website was created by villagers for villagers, and we are always open to any ideas and feedback which could help us enhance your experience and use of the site.  Please get in touch using the Contact Us link at the foot of the page.


If you are not from the Braunston area and are interested in a similar website for your own village or town, please contact us to discuss the possibility of having this service adapted for your community.

Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information