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Treasure Hunted! 8 Aug 2018 (All Saints' Church Braunston) The 3rd of August saw the annual car treasure hunt with a record 13 teams participating.

The annual car treasure hunt in aid of All Saints' Church took place on Friday 3rd August, with a record number (at least in recent years) of participants; church members, villagers and visitors/friends.

Ths year, the route and questions were prepared by Andre, Joanne, Sue & Nikki (last year's winners, who got the dubious honour of organising the route for the following year!). Unbeknown to the participants (around 50), the route was in a figure of 8, starting in one of two directions (routes given out alternately). This helped reduce teams passing each other too often. It was originally planned to have 4 different directions with the same questions (in the apropriate order), but this really complicated things, meaning every clue had to be easily and safely visible from both directions - not necessary from the 2 directions chosen.

There were 60 questions to answer - ranging from simple to ...a little harder, to cater for everyone. Teams started returning just over 2 hours after starting, and every question was answered correctly by at least one team (always a good sign that it wasn't too difficult!).

A delicious buffet meal followed, provided by various helpers and kindly organised by Alison, this year outside the church, making good use of the superb weather.

The winning team, in time-honoured fashion, are tasked with organising the route and questions next year? Won by first-timers Rev Nat, her husband Pete and their team! Hopefully their prizes of a sports car each made it worthwhile! (actually 2 sports cars each...2 chocolate sports cars!)

Do come along next year!

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