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Arts & Crafts Weekend - Exhibitors 27 Jul 2014 (Friends of All Saints Braunston) Pottery, Pen Drawings, Patchwork & Quilting, Paintings...just some of the items to be on display at the Arts & Crafts Weekend!

There's going to be over 25 exhibitors at the Braunston Arts & Crafts Weekend on 16 and 17th August at All Saints' Church.

Planning is well underway to give each exhibitor a stand inside the church (and a few outside in a tent kindly loaned by the Braunston Scouts).

Here are few of the exhibitors who will be featuring their work:

Pottery - Ingrid Alsop

I first learned the art of pottery at St Gabriel's College, Camberwell, London.

I specialise in Stoneware and thrown domestic ware and particularly enjoy experimenting with different glazes.

Pen Drawings - Brian Oliver

Brian Oliver started developing his sketching skills in retirement. He commenced by making fairly simplistic pencil drawings "on site" but now specialises in far more detailed monochrome pen and ink drawings mainly of architectural subjects from either the Braunston locality or abroad.

Patchwork & Quilting, Pottery - Allison Strivens

I have been quilting for seven years now, since deciding to go on a course run by the Bramble Patch, Weedon. Most of the things I make come from ideas I have either seen in shops or on the internet and thought to myself - "I could make that!". I have set to work to find a way to come up with something similar, but adding in a few touches of my own. The same applies with my pottery, although I have been dabbling with clay for about 30 years.

Paintings (Oils & Watercolours) - Nick Strivens

I started off some 40 years ago dabbling with watercolours, but only recently have started to explore the world of oils.

Many of my pictures are of places or scenery where I have visited. I would take a photograph, see how it comes out, once developed, and, if I liked it, I would attempt to recreate it! Artistic license is always applied.


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