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Friends of All Saints Braunston

About Us

We are a charity committed to saving the church building  for future generations.

We are essentially a heritage conservation organisation, our funds can only be spent on the church building and surrounds. We are registered with the Charity Commission, No: 1138185. The charity was set up in 2010 when it was realised that the building was in need of repairs likely to cost in excess of £250,000.

The building can be seen for miles around and is an iconic marker of our village. Not only does it welcome us home but it is loved by the boating community and has earned the name “The Cathedral of the Canals”.

We raise money by fundraising events in the village, sale of branded goods, donations from individuals, businesses and grant giving trusts.

Like all buildings it will need maintenance even after the current problems are fixed so there is an ongoing task for the Friends.

What's the problem

  • The roof leaks. Extensive repair and replacement of gutters and other lead work needed
  • Roof tiling needs repair/replacement
  • Some roof timbers may need replacement
  • Considerable high level masonry repairs essential
  • Chimney needs rebuilding
  • Safe access for high level maintenance must be installed
BVN (Braunston Village news)Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information