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Memorial to Canalboat Strike planned 23 Oct 2013 (1923 Braunston Canalboat Strike Memorial Committee) Villagers, trades unionists, and canal fans are planning a memorial to the 1923 Strike.

Braunston Villagers, local trades unionists, and canal enthusiasts are planning to mark the 1923 Braunston Canal Boat Strike with a permanent memorial. It is hoped the memorial will be sited on or near the wharf where the key events of the dispute took place ninety years ago. 

Peter Frost, one of the organisers of the the 90th Anniversary Picnic in August 2013 is trying to establish a small group of interested people to make the planned memorial a reality.

Tim Coghlan of Braunston Marina, himself one of Britain's leading canal historians and local councillor Abigail Campbell are both enthusiastic supporters of the planned memorial.

Peter is appealing to anyone who would like to help with the project. "Some funds are already available and other monies have been pledged. If you would like to help in any way, not just financial I would be delighted to hear from you" Peter told the Braunston Village Website."

"The profits from my History of the Strike are all going to fund the memorial" Peter added.

"Copies of the illustrated booket are available from me, priced at just £2".

BVN (Braunston Village news)Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information