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Braunston Timeline this Saturday 5 Dec 2013 (Public Information) YOU are invited to come and see the new Braunston Timeline...unveiled this Saturday!

Article and Photo from Daventry Express, 29th November 2013.

A group of villagers have taken a step back in time to create a living history project which will be revealed next month.

A timeline has been created by residents at Braunston which depicts events from AD43 to the present day.

It will be unveiled at All Saints Church in Braunston on Saturday, December 7.

One of the people behind the project, Andrew Alsop, said: “This has been possible as a result of financial support from Daventry District Council and Braunston Parish Council in the form of grants.

“Other groups and individuals have also given money so that this dream has become a reality after over two years of research and planning.”

The timeline, which is five metres long and one metre high, is printed in colour on aluminium.

It is split into two sections. The top section covers the major historical events of the village and, on the bottom, marks important parts in world history.

Among the big events featured in the timeline will be the filming of a movie called Running Scared. The film starred Robert Powell and is the first feature film of David Hemmings. Filming took place in 1971.

The timeline will be permanently displayed in the church once it is complete.

The unveiling will be marked with an brief ceremony and reception for the guests.

Mr Alsop added: “A great deal of hard work has gone into this project.

“We want to celebrate the success of this achievement and thank all of those who have given financial and other support so that this magnificent timeline could be completed.”

Come and see the Timeline from 2pm Saturday 7th December.


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