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Braunston Church Fete 2013 22 Jun 2013 Despite a gloomy forecast the 2013 fete was a cheerful and festive occasion held once again on the village green.

Despite a gloomy forecast the 2013 fete was a cheerful and festive occasion held once again on the village green, and enjoyed under mostly dry sunny skies, although a brief but brutal downpour mid-afternoon sent even the most hardy of souls temporarily diving for cover!

A dazzling panoply of princesses, knights, fairies, pirates, doctors, superheroes, colourful beasts and even a shepherdess paraded past stallholders and spectators at midday, opening proceedings and setting the tone for the rest of the afternoon in a most impressive manner.

An enthusiastic master of ceremonies unstintingly charmed visitors into spending their hard-earned cash, and with the vast array of activities and stalls, including a sweetie cart, plant stall colourfully stocked to the rafters, bouncy castle,  traditional fairground organ music and tantalising smells from the BBQ in the background, who could refuse.

BBQ with meat from Chris the ButcherThere was another buzz of excitement a little later when bikers from the British Legion enthusiastically revved up their shiny motorcycles, and with the vicar bravely riding pillion, did a lap around the village, with a sporty red Caterham 7 following closely behind.  But these weren't the only machines on display - a little later members of the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service paid a visit, showing off their gleaming fire engine whilst being on hand to chat and give advice.

Inside, the village hall had been transformed into a beautifully decorated tearoom which was a constant hive of activity as busy shoppers quenched their thirst, rested their weary legs and sampled the delights of our busy bakers. Next door, a steady stream of punters bought all sorts of goodies such as books, raffle tickets, handicrafts and all manner of delicious home-made cakes.

This year's fete was a resounding success, however, it didn't just happen, and a large number of people worked extremely hard (some from as early as October last year) in preparation for this year's event.  Thank you to one and all for your dedication and hard work, and thank you to those who supported, encouraged, took part and came and spent money on the day.  With your help we raised in excess of £3500 and greatly appreciate you generosity of time and money towards our church.


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