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Braunston Timebank

About Us

Braunston Timebank is a network of volunteers, getting things done for people and groups and buildings across the village.

The Timebank is built on the belief that everyone can share something that’s of value to someone else. No-one knows or does everything, but everyone knows or can do something.

In the timebank, all time and talents are valued equally. You give an hour and you get an hour back. Each hour you give earns you a time credit, which you can spend, save until you need it, or donate to someone else. You don’t need to earn credits before you spend them.

So, why not join in? If you’re already volunteering, why not do it through the timebank? Groups and organisations can join, as well as individuals. 

A timebank broker at Daventry Volunteer Centre will suggest matches between timebank members. The final decision about what you do, how much and when is entirely up to you. Braunston Timebank is part of Daventry Timebank. Terms and conditions apply for your privacy and peace of mind.

Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and InformationBVN (Braunston Village news)