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Rhythmic Move-it

A mind and body dance-fit workout

Rhythmic Move-it is here to serve Braunston's wellbeing; a fun and friendly, weekly-hour, dance-fitness class, for the "mind" and "body", to up-tempo dance music.

No complicated choreography to remember - you'll be on your feet throughout and moving at a rhythmical pace, following the instructor's lead...maybe you'll even feel like losing yourself; letting yourself go, with some of your own freestyle, towards the end of the session- it's mighty liberating!

Please come along and support Rhythmic Move-it at our first class on: Monday 12th June, 7-8pm at Braunston Village Hall.  (just turn up at will, or even block-book for 6 classes).

Rhythmic Move-it invigorates, energises and makes you feel alive!!!

For further details, get in touch via our FB link, below right.


Here's what some of our attendees at our Dunchurch class, have to say...

“I was looking for something a bit different from the usual gym classes so “Rhythmic Move-it” intrigued me.  I was unsure what to expect and, hence, whether I’d be able to do it, if I’d enjoy it, be able to keep up, etc.  I needn’t have worried in the slightest!  Yvonne, who leads the session, along with the other attendees, made me feel instantly welcome and put me completely at ease.  I’d describe it as a sort of a cross between aerobics and disco dancing, all done to a wide selection of music.  Yvonne adapts the pace to suit all (I think there’s about forty years between the oldest and youngest attendees so far) and no-one feels pressured to do more than they can manage, while Yvonne steps it up a bit for those who want more of a challenge.  I’ve been attending for about six weeks now – and I haven’t stopped grinning throughout any of the sessions. Those who know me can’t quite believe that I am so enthusiastic about what they think is, essentially, an exercise class.  (Even my husband has said he’ll give it a try!)  I try to explain that it’s not just the class that I love but the social side of it too.  Most people stay for a chat over a cup of tea afterwards, which Yvonne actively encourages, and we’ve discussed the possibility of group outings in the future.  I already feel like I’ve made some new, good friends.  I honestly can’t speak highly enough of “Rhythmic Move-it” – it’s like a work–out for the mind and the mood as well as the body.  Scientists would probably say it’s the release of endorphins – I think it’s Yvonne, the other attendees and, of course, the music.”


Find Us

Braunston Village Hall

The Green/Welton Road
Northamptonshire  NN11 7HW

Hours: Monday's 7-8pm ***Starting on 12th June***

"Great class...such a giggle!"

"Hi Yvonne , really enjoying your class on Sunday mornings ! Happy friendly group , exercise while we enjoy the music ! What a fun way to keep fit . You always keep us smiling !!! Plus a nice cup of tea and chat afterwards what more could we ask for !
Keep up the good work !"

"Thanks Yvonne, it's such a lovely group and so nice to stay and have a natter at the end. And lovely to have the support too. Can't tell you how much better I've felt the last two weeks after your classes - in really good spirits and full of energy. Thank you so much for making me feel better X"


Looking forward to meeting you all.

Yvonne                                                                                       Rhythmic Move-it


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