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Roving Canal Traders Association

There are many traders on the canal selling a diverse range of products from vinyl graphics, art, cheese, jewellery, cratch covers and much more.

The many trades afloat bring diversity and enhance the public’s enjoyment of the waterways – our aim is to promote and enhance our unique trading community.

Find Us

c/o Michael Wooding

5 ware Orchard
Warwickshire  CV23 8UF

T: 07805 602 618

We ask for a small yearly membership fee to help us provide a service to our members, this helps to cover web hosting, domain names, advertising, travel to meetings, promotion and other costs associated with running the RCTA.

In return, we will be offering a number of incentives and try to help you as much as we can;-

How to apply for a trade licence what you need to do to obtain one. Regulated and unregulated trade licences. Hygiene certificates, environmental health certificates,health and safety, third party liability, insurances needed. If there are any restrictions on advertising signage.

Accounting advice, sole trader regulations, setting up a new business advice and information. (In the near future)
Provide a CaRT sanctioned Verified Licence Canal Trader sticker. (x2)

Advertising of your business such as a page per business on the website. (optional)

Provide assistance on setting up a web site and shop for your business.

Depending on how much money will be in the RCTA bank account we can advertise in papers and magazines such as evening papers, towpath, canal magazines etc.

Flyer swap for boating traders where we can rotate each other’s flyers i.e. Canal Artist have The Cheese Boat flyers, The Cheese Boat have The Graphics Boat etc. etc.
Assist in filling out of forms for the Roving Canal Traders licences.

Have people post their locations as the RCTA on Facebook so that it will also link to a RCTA twitter accounts for extra publicity of your individual business locations.

Advise on good selling areas and upcoming trade events.

Advise on the fuel propulsion allowance etc.

Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and InformationBVN (Braunston Village news)