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Swann Systems

My name’s Sheila. I run Swann Systems that train and support small businesses using Sage and Act software. We also do their bookkeeping. I’m a Real-Life Entrepreneur!

For most of our customers we offer the fullest range professional bookkeeping services; from pressing the buttons to joining ‘The Board’ as Finance Directors.

The training and support arm of our business is expanding rapidly: users of SAGE and Act! are rightly keen to get as much return on their software investment as possible, and using SAGE and Act! in a way that is perfect for the their business saves time and money – and identifies new business opportunities.

We believe that SAGE and Act! training should be bespoke for our clients. Although we do offer ‘off-the-shelf’ packages, the real improvements are often found where the training meets consultancy – working with our clients actual data and business processes to embed the learning powerfully.

“I’m passionate about growing our training and support directorate. That’s going really well, because the same attributes that make us successful bookkeepers are also critical to growth. It’s a bit cheesy but for me it’s the ‘Three Ps – Passion, Pro-activity, People. Those are the Laws of Physics in the Sheilaverse...”

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Mill Close
Northamptonshire  NN11 7HY

T: 01788 890 199

Key Facts About Swann Systems:

Established in 2002, by Sheila Bell, Swann now employs 4 staff, and currently services over 300 clients across Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire
Swann’s key business is bookkeeping, training, support and consultancy on a variety of accountancy software packages.
The Three Ps – Passion, Pro-activity, People.

  • Everyone at Swann is passionate and proud of what we do, what we’ve done, and what we intend to achieve. Sheila’s leadership takes us there.
  • Pro-activity, whether in client matters, growing our business, or helping people is our natural approach.
  • We’re not just a business, we’re people. You’re business is the same. We have clients, but we work with People. We never forget that. In an online, outsourced world, we’re delighted to get to know our clients as People.

About Sheila; Sheila’s been a nurse, sings in a choir, is fascinated by canal boats and gets on one at every available opportunity. Sheila lives in Braunston and has two sons, Kallum and Tristan, a successful businessman and Navy officer respectively. A lot of cats live at Sheila’s house...

BVN (Braunston Village news)Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information