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As usual but COVID-19 social distance 6 Mar 2014 We will be continuing with our regular mowing regime in the village.

Same as usual ... but with COVID-19 social distancing.

We will be continuing with our regular mowing regime in the village.  This is to ensure the grass is kept in reasonable condition and areas where people see and are, able to exercise remain accessible and tidy.  However, we would appreciate your communicating to your residents, that we are observing social distancing and therefore please DO NOT APPROACH US, whilst we are working.  We ask everyone to respect social distancing measures we have in place. 


That means standing at least two metres away from us personally and 8 metres away from our working machinery ...AT ALL TIMES!    You can't miss us ... literally we will be in and on machinery and usually wearing hi-Viz, or if in the BIG TRACTOR with the Flashing beacon!!  Please keep your distance and ensure all children and animals are under control and kept well away from the area we are working, until we leave the field.  It is difficult to see 'small people and animals' running around and almost impossible to hear when driving.  Please do not think tractors are slow and can stop suddenly ... they can't!  

We aim to be get the work done as quickly as possible, to enable people to use the facilities.   We can only do so, with the cooperation and sensible behaviour of the public.



We along with the majority of recreational users love to see a great looking, well maintained green space.  Please take away ALL your rubbish and scoop and bin dog mess.  Cylinder gang-mowers do not discriminate ... they will mince keys, cans and dog mess and send them drifting into the air in tiny pieces!  PLEASE BIN YOUR WASTE.


If someone has any queries, please can they be fielded through the Braunston Village Playing Field Association in the first instance or email: [email protected]



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