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MAXIMOW has a traditional regard for standards of quality, service and value for money and we provide a unique solution for our clients. We believe that quality, reliability and flexibility are paramount and as a local company we ensure that properly managed turf is fit for purpose and reflects positively on our clients’ organisation. MAXIMOW provides a turf specialist, with experience and formal training gathered over 40 years in fine turf and amenity grass management. MAXIMOW is dedicated to the high quality mowing and maintenance of larger grass areas and will work with your team to deliver an appropriate turf management solution. MAXIMOW uses a tractor and gang-mowers to deliver top quality cut and finish. We are able to assist with all you large area turf maintainence, including:

  • Cyclinder, gang-mowing
  • Heavy rolling
  • Deep slitting to improve aeration and drainage
  • Weed (incl.selective) management
  • Fertilisation of sward
  • Harrowing
  • Topping
  • Large area landscaping
  • Some aboracultural and hard landscaping services in partnership

We work in a holistic way to achieve that quality result.

MAXIMOW provides the opportunity take control by engaging us, we are not just professional, but a specialist company and experts in our field (no pun intended!)

We feel that MAXIMOW can offer a competitive price for the large area mowing; per/cut, for weekly cut service, subject to discussion with you and terms and conditions.

Our Service ...The Benefits
MAXIMOW are able to work in partnership with you to deliver a solution tailored to the needs of our clients. Dedicated to turf management, MAXIMOW can offer both quality and savings. By providing you with the potential to split your contract; you will also benefit by saving money on the maintenance of shrubberies, perimeters, flowerbeds, etc. These contracts will be competed for fiercely, as they can be undertaken by the smaller contractor, or even retained ‘in-house’ in some instances. Thus providing best value to our clients.

  MAXIMOW provides:

  • Skilled and Experienced staff (DBS checked)
  • Tractor and Gang-mowers (7 units)
  • References from current client database
  • NPTC – City & Guilds Pesticides & Weed Spray application
  • Insurances ~ £5m Public & Product Liability, Employers’ Liability Insurances and Commercial Vehicle & Motor Insurances
  • Other services such as rolling, aeration, spraying etc. provided by arrangement
  • Opportunity for financial savings, whilst still maintaining high quality


MAXIMOW provides services for a range of clients in the following:

  • Schools
  • Cricket Clubs
  • Rugby Clubs
  • Village Playing Field Associations
  • Village maintainance
  • Private Estates


Braunston Heart - COVID-19BVN (Braunston Village news)Braunston Village Hall - Hiring and Information