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Home & Car Security


Please keep all entry doors locked at all times. When you go out, and also when you go to bed at night, remove keys from locks, making sure they are hidden from view but easily accessible to you in case of emergency.

Make sure downstairs windows, and those accessible via a flat roof, are closed whenever you are out of sight of them. A few days ago, offenders in Northampton stole someone's wallet simply by reaching through an open window.

Keep house keys, mobile phones, purses/wallets etc out of sight in a safe place which is accessible to you but is not the first place an offender will look.

Check that your garage access points are locked when it is not in use.

If you have a house alarm, remember to set it whenever you leave the house and at night when you go to bed. An offender will not hang around long, once an alarm has gone off.

Whenever you leave your vehicle . . .

Please LOCK IT and make sure all windows are shut. It doesn't matter how quickly you intend to be back, an opportunist thief needs only seconds to steal your property.

Recent incidents have included property stolen from unlocked vehicles in the short space of time it took a man to unload items at a tip and also in the few seconds it took someone to pop back into their house for an item they'd forgotten. IF YOU LEAVE IT....REMEMBER TO LOCK IT.

Please REMOVE ALL VALUABLES (including SatNav cradles and the sucker mark which the holder leaves on the windscreen). It is not enough to "hide" items under a seat, in the glove box or in the boot. They're usually the first
places a criminal will look. Don't leave anything on view. It isn't just about the loss of your property, it's also about the cost and inconvenience of having your car repaired after a break-in.

If possible at night, lock your vehicle inside a locked garage, otherwise lock and park it in a well-lit open area. If your vehicle has an alarm, make sure it is set. At night, hide your car keys in the same way as your house keys.

Thank you.

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