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Braunston Twinning Association (The Twinners) - Why Twinning?

Why is Twinning attractive?


The fact that the Braunston/Quincy-Voisins Twinning has continued for so many years reflects the pleasure to be had from sharing a few days with like-minded people whose culture and experience of life is different from our own.

Past experience has shown that visitors from both countries often become firm friends and what starts out as a plunge into the unknown is repaid by unexpected pleasures along the way.

The most popular reason for the mutual visits is to experience real life in another country and to live, even for a short period, as a local, absorbing the everyday language and culture. You may think this sounds very worthy but dull - in practice the visits are full of exciting, beautiful places, fun, good food, banter, good company, uncertainty and challenge - if this is the sort of thing you like - read on!


On years when Braunston visits Quincy-Voisins, the Mayor of Quincy and the Quincy Twinning Comittee arrange host families to accommodate the visitors at no cost. In addition to any activities arranged by the Committee the host families also organise visits and activities which can take any form and usually reflect their own interests and daily life (including shopping!). The host family looks after you from arrival to departure whilst you are in France. There is usually a social gathering which is attended by all involved in the visit.   This arrangement is reciprocated when the French visit Braunston.  

The Braunston Twinning Committee organises fund raising events through the year to enable  suitable entertainment to be arranged on behalf of Braunston and district for our French visitors.

Not all the English visitors speak French, nor do all the French visitors speak English, but we try to match hosts with visitors so communication is possible - to the credit of the organisers, no-one has yet spent the night on the street in either country, nor has anyone returned home slimmer than when they set off!  Anyone is welcome to come on a Twinning visit, including children(who often surprise us with the ease with which they can communicate with others). In May 2014 the French will be “at home” to Braunston and we are looking for people who wish to take up the opportunity. Travel will be by coach, rail or plane (arranged by the Twinning Association), depending on how many people wish to go and costs are kept as low as possible. If by rail or coach, travel may include the Channel Tunnel.


In return for free accommodation during their visit to France most people are prepared to act as a host the following year - not necessarily to the same people, although it could be if you form a particular friendship. If you are unable to act as a host you may be able to contribute in another way to the Twinning experience. 

You don’t have to live in Braunston but need to be within reasonable travelling distance so you can collect your guests and bring them to organised events.


Twinners only pay their own return travel costs from Braunston. Once in Quincy-Voisins you will be collected by your host family, who will provide accommodation and meals whilst in their home. Contributions to the cost of entrance fees to attractions or meals eaten at cafes or restaurants would normally be discussed with your hosts.


Find Us

Braunston Twinning Association (Twinners)

c/o NB Poinciana Braunston Marina
The Wharf London Road
Northamptonshire  NN11 7JH

T: 07890 072 487


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