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Braunston Twinning Association (The Twinners) - 2015 in Braunston


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Group visit to Warwick CastleGathering before we went in - in the rainRight on cue - the rain stoppedAnd then the sun came outThere is more sword than there is Jean-ClaudeOutside the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick 2015Lunch at the Lord Leycester Hospital 2015A word of greeting from Q-VLunch with a few friends

Jumelage or

 A little bit of France comes to Northamptonshire!


 During the weekend of the early May Bank Holiday, Andy and I did something very different.  We entertained two delightful ladies from a small French town called Quincy-Voisins which is about 50 km from Paris.  The Braunston and District Twinning Association has been active for over 30 years and we offered to become hosts as part of this endeavour.  And what fun it was too!  We found it to be such an interesting and enjoyable experience which involved meeting new people, making new friends and I have to admit, laughing a great deal!   I would like to be able to say that we spoke lots of French but really we practiced our Franglais.  But even with our limited vocabulary we managed to talk about so many topics and I hope give our guests interesting information about our culture and history. ...................the organised trip to Warwick Castle was a huge success. 

The Twinning Association alternates, so next May Bank Holiday we go to Quincy- Voisins for 3 days at their invitation.  If you are interested in hearing more, please contact us and you will be welcome to get involved with social events and fund raising for the association.  New “Twinners” are always welcomed and we can put you in touch with the organisers from Braunston for further information.   We were so glad to have been part of such a positive experience with our European neighbours - do join us next time!

(By the way, we didn’t know either but Jumelage means Twinning!)

A bientot - Lynn and Andy Wenham 

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