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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park)

Jetty Field - Braunston Pocket Park

Jetty Field was acquired by Braunston Parish Council in 2005. It is set up to provide a green open space for the peaceful recreation and enjoyment of the local community and visitors to the village. It aims to act as a nature conservation area to support plant and animal life. The Gallie Wildlife Legacy promotes its educational opportunities.

It is also one of Northamptonshire's innovative Pocket Parks.

The area is managed by a sub-committee of the Parish Council to promote its educational value and to ensure accessibility for all. Five distinct zones have been developed. There is a formal and decorative garden section which contrasts with an area deliberately left uncultivated to encourage insect and bird life. The idea is picked up in the woodland spinney of native trees and shrubs. Allotments thrive. And the main field is managed to encourage a rich variety of grasses and wildflowers.

Jane Simon

Reproduced with kind permission of artist

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