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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park) News

Braunston Scenes by local artist 8 Apr 2014 Framed prints of Braunston scenes are available for purchase in aid of Jetty Field, by local artist Brian Oliver.

A beautiful selection of Braunston scenes, prints of the originals drawn in pen and ink by local Braunston resident, Brian Oliver, are now available to purchase.


Please see below for samples of all drawnings - 12 scenes are available ranging from various canal scenes to the Butcher's shop and Church.

Brian retired to the village in 2004 when he started to develop his sketching skills simply as a personal hobby. Since 2005 he has also been very much involved in the Jettyfield Pocket Park project which has seen the development of a largely neglected area into the beautiful and useful space that can be enjoyed by everyone today. He has served on the committee throughout that period but his main passion is spending time working with other volunteers on the whole site, with a particular love of the restored garden.

Prints of Brian's sketches have been made available from time to time, with any profits donated to various locally supported charities, including Macmillan Nurses, Help the Heroes and All Saints' Church.

Due to his connection with the Jettyfield project, which requires additional funding, all profits from current sales will be given to "Friends of Braunston Pocket Park".

Framed prints can be purchased from The Boat Shop at Bottom Lock (tel 01788 891 310) at a cost of £12.95 each.

Thank you for your support.

Please note that as an amateur artist seeking no personal reward, Brian would ask you not to copy or reproduce his drawings without his express permission.

The Gallery below shows a small version of each of the 12 prints together with a close-up sample to show the detail.


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