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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park) News

News from Jetty Field 20 Oct 2013 Saturday 19th October work party - thank you all who took part!

The committee would like to thank all those who have helped to maintain and improve Jetty Field in the past year.

On Saturday 19th October, 15 people came to help, yet again! They represented the young and old of our village
and were:- Carol, Abigail, Jim, Gloria, Brian, Barbara, Jo, Ingrid, Thomas, Elizabeth, Edith, Richard, Billy, Peter and Andrew. Thank you to Carol for supplying the refreshments and for the sweets from Brenda! We were also supported by our chairman, Pat., and his wife, Sybil.

Just as we were finishing Brian suddenly collapsed and had to be taken to hospital. He is now recovering well from a suspected stroke. Brian Oliver has worked on Jetty Field from the beginning and has been a driving force behind much of its success. We wish him a speedy recovery.

We are grateful for the many positive comments about the whole of Jetty Field. Peter, Paul and Brian have worked especially hard over the past few weeks on the fencing around the field. The sheep should be in the field by
now. They are only there until the end of December at the latest. We are very grateful for your past support in keeping your dogs on leads during the time sheep are in the field.

The new Allotment Holders' agreement will be available soon. We are also changing the lock on the gate as the old one is now proving unreliable. The new one will be a combination lock. Allotment Holders will be given the
combination before it is put in place!

We look forward to even more progress in all five areas of Jetty Field in the New Year. Thank you, once again, for your help and support.