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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park) News

MORE NEWS FROM JETTY FIELD 4 Dec 2013 As promised, the sheep have now been removed from Jetty Field....

As promised, the sheep  have now been removed from Jetty Field and taken back to the Harrisons' Farm. I have been very heartened by the many positive comments that I have received whilst working down on Jetty Field. Dog owners and people out walking have stopped to comment how wonderfully tidy the field looks and what a really thorough job the sheep have done! The "evidence" of their time in the field will soon disappear and the real benefit will be noticeable in early spring.

The Jetty Field Committee would like to record their thanks to Matthew and Robert Harrison for agreeing to loan their sheep so we could achieve our objective. It is a large saving to the budget as we do not have to pay for contractors to cut and remove the grass. If we do not manage to get sheep back next year we will have to consider alternative ways of keeping the grass short.

We are also grateful to the Harrisons for their support in loaning farm machinery to help us undertake work in the Pocket Park area.

Andrew Alsop