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Jetty Field (Braunston Pocket Park) News

News from Jetty Field 25 Nov 2013 Winter has arrived, the leaves are down....

Winter has arrived, the leaves are down and volunteer work has almost come to a standstill in Jetty Field. Dennis, employed by Braunston Parish Council, has continued to work extremely hard on various tasks. He has tidied up all the fence areas, cleared around bushes and trees and undertaken essential repairs. We are grateful to the council for the financial support and for Dennis's hard work.

The sheep have been in the main field for about four weeks and will be removed by the end of December. The flock is monitored daily by the owners and by volunteers.

DON'T FORGET YOU CAN BECOME "A FRIEND OF BRAUNSTON POCKET PARK". Leaflets were in last month's B.V.N. and are also available from Pat. Herlihy by ringing 890 590.