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micro mobility scheme 14 Feb 2024 Scrutiny set out recommendations on Northampton’s micro mobility scheme

West Northamptonshire Council’s place overview and scrutiny committee puts forward recommendations for the area’s public e-scooter scheme, following public consultation.

On Wednesday, 31 January WNC's pace overview and scrutiny committee considered a report tabled by a task and finish group which was established to strongly consider and make recommendations regarding Northampton’s e-scooter trial.

The task and finish group received evidence from the Police, WNC, VOI, key stakeholders and from members of the public through a public survey. The survey gathered feedback on the operation of the scheme, as well as, understanding how people use the e-scooters, how often, and how the Council can address people's concerns.

More than 3,000 responses were submitted as part of the survey consultation which took place throughout December 2023 into January 2024.

The task and finish group carried out a thorough review of the feedback to the survey and created a list of recommendations which were considered by the Scrutiny Committee. These recommendations will now be presented to WNC's Cabinet at their meeting in March.

Recommendations include:

Speed controls and restricted areas to be reviewed
Implement new technology to prevent twin riding and riding on the pavement
Seek to improve visibility at night and use in the dark
Review and improve the complaints and feedback procedure
Explore governance, enforcement, and further education

Cllr Alison Eastwood, the Vice Chairman of the Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Chairman of the Task and Finish Group, said: "The micro mobility scheme provides an affordable and sustainable travel option for people across West Northamptonshire to enable them to get to and from work, education and enjoying local services.

"I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and share their views with us. It remains clear that safety is a core priority- including the safety of riders and other road and footpath users. We will now work with VOI to create a road map on how we can deliver these recommendations for the local community."

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