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Public Spaces Orders Renewed 13 Mar 2024 Three Northampton Public Spaces Protection Orders Renewed

Following consultation three Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) have been renewed for in Northampton, approving the continued closure of the following public pathways:

Marble Arch, new order in force from 8 January 2024 
Jeyes Jetty, new order in force from 8 March 2024 
Dunster Street, new order in force on 25 March 2024 

West Northamptonshire Council (WNC) consulted on proposals to renew all three PSPOs under the powers granted by the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing Act 2014.  

The PSPOs for Marble Arch, Jeyes Jetty, and Dunster Street have each been renewed for three years with each highway closed to pedestrians at all times. These renewed orders aim to address the persistent issues of anti-social behaviour and ensure the safety of the community in these areas. 

Marble Arch, which connects Barrack Road and Ash Street, was first gated in 2018 due to persistent illegal activities and anti-social behaviour and has been renewed for a second time. 

Jeyes Jetty is an alleyway between Drapery and College Street and has been a longstanding hotspot for crime. It was first closed in 2021 following the tragic death of a young man in the alley. 

Dunster Street alley between Dunster Street and St Michael’s Road and was first closed in 2021. It had previously been a hotspot for drug dealing, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour and it was originally requested for closure by local residents being impacted by this activity.  

A full version of the updated PSPOs can be viewed on the West Northamptonshire Council website. 

Cllr David Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement, and Regulatory Services said: “The Council is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and creating safer communities. 

“In line with this commitment we have, following public consultation, extended the Public Spaces Protection Orders in these three locations. 

“By having these alleyways remaining closed I am confident we will continue to see a reduction in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Northampton.” 

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