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October - Preparing for winter 12 Nov 2022 Vegetation clearance and hedge cutting has a good start.

During October the Junction water point and Midland Chandlers received their final cut of the year including trimming the willow trees. 
Two task parties and 4 ad hocs have met the objective of keeping these areas looking good all year. As well as being more welcoming to boating visitors, time and effort has been saved by not having to sort out the overgrown state witnessed in previous years.

Previously, a task party on the 24th Sept and ad hocs on the 4th & 25th Oct had made a good start on the ditch and hedges at UCC. The last task party this month finalised our work there for this year.

Other ad hoc tasks this month included using our workboat 'Skippy' to remove a tree that had fallen into the canal, from the offside, opposite the Stop House. Cutting hedges at UCC, cutting the hedge behind the abutment at the junction bridges, tending the Stop House grounds and repairing damaged gates at both BIFFA bin compounds.


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