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February - Cut, Cut, Cut 28 Mar 2022 Onside and offside cutting

For the first task party in February the BCS crew split into 3 teams. Using Skippy, a team of 5 performed an offside cut between the Stophouse and bridge 91 (A45). This was mirrored by a team of 4 cutting the towpath side. The third team set about removing trees that were overhanging the Stop House bin compound area.

Later that month, with a crew of 5 on Skippy and 7 on the bank, BCS had no problems in completing the offside/onside cut below the flight. Several branches overhanging the towpath were removed and, along with the arisings from the offside, were transported and stacked at the Midland Chandlers water point ready for chipping in March. In addition, the ivy enveloping the Stop house bin compound was removed and a considerable amount of litter and rubbish was collected and disposed of.



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