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April - Spring has sprung 11 May 2024 Vegetation is on its way back!

For the first task party in April the crew of 11 split into two teams. One repaired the handrails on the bridge 90 steps. Four rotted posts were replaced along with several rails. Repainting to be done at the next dry opportunity. The second team set to work renovating the nearby towpath and french drain that BCS created back in October 2018.

The plan for the crew of 7 on the second task party was disrupted twice! The weather being too wet and too cold put the kibosh on painting the repaired handrail at the bridge 90 (A45) steps. Chipping the stack of arisings at the junction water point was next on the task list but this had already been sorted by the chipping fairy! The first known visit by this mythical being in BCS history. However, an unexpected request from a dog walker led half the crew to a recently opened wash hole in the towpath under bridge 90. Luckily we had enough materials aboard 'Skippy' to make it safe along with another wash hole near the junction bridges. As the weather started to deteriorate the crew regrouped to concentrate on strimming and clearing vegetation from the brickwork of the junction bridges.

Ad hoc task parties this month included strimming the junction island, the water point facilities area and mowing the offside at lock 1. A post was also prepared ready for the installation of a defibrillator at the Stophouse.


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